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Why use cloud services? 5 definite reasons

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Whether it's an SMB or an Enterprise, non-IT or an IT development company, the better choice is to use one of the many cloud services available today.

Simply put, you are outsourcing your IT infrastructure and maintenance to channel your energies in your core business.

Reasons for moving to cloud include:

Pay-as-you-go Model

There is no need to invest in expensive hardware and worry about setting up a server room or data centre in the case of an Enterprise. This also means that you can have a lean IT team as infrastructure monitoring and updates are handled automatically on the cloud. Most cloud services have a pay as you use model so If you are starting off, then you can experiment with a FREE tier for your MVP and gradually scale as per your need. Cloud is also the right place to mine your big data as you can save huge infrastructure costs of data warehousing.


Your biggest advantage is ease of scaling with the cloud. Most providers provide standard methods to scale on an on-demand basis. This not only saves money but also provides your customers with uninterrupted services with no drop in performance. With features like AWS autoscale, most applications can be deployed in this mode with almost no change.

Business continuity

Cloud computing reduces your time to market by making it easy for your product team to setup, develop and deploy. Whether your area is facing a natural disaster or even a power failure, you don’t have to worry about downtime because your data is on the cloud.

Ease of use

Your team can work out of anywhere and access the data on cloud. Setting up an environment is super easy and once done they don't have to worry about scaling or handling software updates. Even data backup is automatically taken care of.


All cloud services have standard security policies such as firewalls, threat detection such as malware and overall monitoring.Having said that, each application provider has to build in strong security measures to prevent any form of security attack starting with a strong authentication mechanism.

How to choose the right cloud service provider?

Besides the big three players Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure there is a growing list of cloud service providers to choose from. Some of them are Rackspace, DigitalOcean, VMWare, SalesForce, Oracle cloud.Briefly, cost, technology stack invested in and security are some of the parameters that will go into choosing the right provider. Here are some blogs to aid you in comparing cloud service providers

At Mezzlink we have largely used AWS and Google Cloud for client needs and our own products. If you are starting off or want to move to the cloud, we can walk you through what it takes to transition and also help you achieve it.

Get a free evaluation on how you can move your services to the cloud. Based on this evaluation you can decide the next steps. At Mezzlink Systems we specialise in digital-transformation and we will help you move to the cloud with little or no disruption in services.

Take the first step and get a free evaluation!!

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